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“Pilates Reformer with Lisa is exactly what my body has needed. Pilates not only helps to strengthen your body, but it improves flexibility and lengthens the muscles. I have had hip pain in recent years and Pilates has helped to loosen and strengthen my hips as well as my whole body. Lisa is an expert trainer on the Reformer machine who corrects your posture and breathing throughout the workout to ensure you are getting the full benefit from the exercise. She also has a very personal and motivational way with her clients that makes you feel comfortable and excited to come back for the next session. I highly recommend Lisa’s Pilates Reformer training for anyone looking to do something amazing for their body.”

Siew Hong

Bronze Member

“Stella is an amazing Pilates instructor & she’s so lovely. No matter what your ability she makes you feel like a superstar! Our weekly pilates class has quickly become something I thoroughly look forward to each week. The classes are so fun & such a good workout, plus I can already notice a difference in my other gym workouts because I actually have some core strength now & exercises that I struggled with before are now much easier. Highly recommend Stella, can’t sing her praises loud enough!” 


Silver Member

“I have always run, swam and cycled for fitness but 2 years ago, after my third herniated disc, a physiotherapist recommended Pilates as a way to strength my core and lower back. I had never exercised in a “gym like” setting before and I remember being so self-conscious in the first class, as I fumbled with equipment and struggled through the exercises.

To be honest, I didn’t take to Pilates immediately as I found it so sedentary, but I persevered as I had heard so much about the benefits. I started with 2 classes a week and it wasn’t long before I began to see the benefits for myself. My posture improved (I claim I have grown an inch) and my core strength began to develop. After increasing the number of classes to 3 a week I noticed my muscles became leaner and more defined. It took more than 6 months before I felt confident enough to try a Level 2 class and by then I was hooked, trying to get to Pilates as often as I could. Now I book classes around my schedule and in any week will attend Level 1, 2, and 3 classes.

I find the instructors are always willing to adapt the exercises so I always feel like I’m getting a whole body workout at any level. Thanks to Pilates I have no more back problems, and I am leaner and more toned. And there have been unforeseen benefits too. I recently did a triathlon and finished feeling the best I ever had with no aching muscles or stiffness. I have no doubt Pilates played a pivotal role with stretching and strengthening my muscles, making them more race ready!

Linda Ong

Platinum Member

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