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Start out your fitness journey by getting a free training session. All you have to do is refer us to a friend. After signing up successfully, both you and your friend get a free training session each.

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The more friend you recommend, the better rewards you get. Our tiered reward system allows you to get premium, high quality fitness equipment entirely for FREE. Check out what you can potentially get.



FREE Training session for both you and your friend.



FREE Home Exercise Machine just for you. Choose between a Treadmill, Exercise Bike, or Rowing Machine.



$500 worth of vouchers. Choose between ZARA vouchers or GNC vouchers. 

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Honestly, when I first went to MFC to get a trainer, I didn’t even know they had this reward system. It was only after I signed up that they told me. I was quite surprised because it seemed too good to be true. But anyway, my experience with them was so good that I decided to recommend them to a friend I knew wanted to get a PT as well. Sure enough, on the very same evening that my friend told me he signed up, I received a delivery. It was the dumbbell that they had promised. I have been with them now for nearly 1 year, and have recommended enough friends to receive the free exercise bike and the cash vouchers. I’m honestly very very pleased with what MFC has done for me”
Rachel Wong

Silver Member

I just came here to post a review because I just achieved the 5 friend milestone. Chose to get the rowing machine, since I think that’s the coolest one of all the rewards, and everyone in my family can use it, not just me. I thought they would take at least a week to deliver it to me since it’s such a bulky item and they had such short notice. I was totally surprised when my mom called and said there’s a huge item that is being delivered to us and if I knew anything about it. Came home to see this really cool rowing machine now at the living room. I’m so so happy and my parents are as well. They couldn’t believe that all this was free too. The machine looks to be of really fine quality.
David Ling

Silver Member