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Hello I’m Kim!
I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis at my upper thoraic a very young age and was recommended to start swimming to help my spine. I went into competitive swimming and over the years, due to the complication of the sun and chlorine – I had to stop swimming.

I ventured into yoga and light weights training. Due to my flexibility, I injured myself and had a annular sprain (L3-L4). I wasn’t able to sit, run, jump or do any activities that had impact for 3-4 months. I couldn’t even sit down for more than 20 min without pain. I was adivsed to do physio and pilates as rehab.

I did Pilates/ rehab for almost 4-5 times a week. I started from scratch with really ‘easy movements’ and couldn’t understand why i had to do them knowing i was stronger. Over time, i realized it was about Control and Movement and not the amount of ‘strength’ or ‘sweat’ i had in a class. With Pilates- It has elevated by lower back issue. I do not suffer from lower back pain any more unless I do too much flexion exercises. I’m very careful with myself since.
I decided to pick up Pilates and to learn about this wonderful exexrcise method. I incalculated this into my personal weight training as well- being more careful and wary with placements and control.


Location: Central, West

Days: Mon-Fri

Time: Morning, Afternoon, Night

Type: Home Visit


“Attentive Trainer”
Kim was really attentive to my needs. She listened to me first, before prescribing me to a regime that I found really effective. She’s super friendly, and I really truly enjoy my training sessions with her”

“Makes Training Fun”
Kim has a way of making trainings really fun. You can tell she really put in effort into devising each training session, and really wants to help me improve.


BA (Hons) in Marketing

AED CPR Certified Pilates Academy

Pilates Academy International (PAI) Pilates Instructor

TRX GSTC (Group Suspension Training)

SMA (Sports Medicine Australia) Sports Massage Certified