I’ve first discovered Hatha Yoga 7 years ago and during my first experience, I’m surprised that this ‘sport’ instills such calmness and stillness. However, like many, attending lessons wasn’t consistent due to being busy, laziness, studio and teacher hopping. I was constantly, trying to find a group class that suited my needs, a teacher that could help me to progress and understand my body better. After a long hiatus, I decided to pick the mat up sometime 2 years ago and this time round, it was a consistent practice. During this time, I’ve experienced the true union of the body and mind during my practice. The awareness and peace I’ve experienced made me realize that Yoga isn’t just a physical sport. This sparked me to deepen the study of the art of Yoga, hence, exploring into my first step in the 200Hr Teacher Training Course, Yoga Alliance Certified. Ever Since, I’m embarking on the never ending learning and teaching journey.

Practicing Yoga asanas isn’t about mastering a pose, it is about understanding and transforming oneself as one gradually deepens into the pose. This journey of self-discovery happens physically and mentally. The experience of certain pain and stiffness physically brings us into the state of being aware of our current body status and reflecting into the cause or root of the problem. As we deepen into a pose, we awaken the body parts that may have been frozen or stiff for a long period of time. As learners progress, coordination of each breath with each movement brings about a highly focused state of mind as some would say meditative mode. Practicing the Yoga asanas is a movement meditation whereby, we go on a self-discovery journey to understand and improve our physical and mental health and wellness.


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“Attentive Trainer”
Joey was really attentive to my needs. She listened to me first, before prescribing me to a regime that I found really effective. She’s super friendly, and I really truly enjoy my training sessions with her”

Joey is caring, enthusiastic and her workouts are very effective!! Highly recommended!!


200 Hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

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