I’m a mother of a 16-year-old boy. My passion is to maintain peak physical condition to better serve and motivate clients.

Strength and conditioning training; muscle building and toning; fat loss; HIIT (high intensity interval training) and SST (steady state training) together with nutritional and diet advise.

I like to design personal programs together with you to match your skills and learning levels.

Helping clients of all ages and fitness levels to improve health and wellbeing is my top priority. I take particular pride in assisting clients who perhaps are starting out on a program and seeking patience and care in their journey.

Guide clients in a safe, educational and motivating manner, taking into account individualized physical limitations.

Carefully evaluate client needs and assist them in achieving personal goal.

Teach clients how to modify exercises appropriately to avoid injury.


Location: Central, East

Days: Mon-Fri

Time: Morning, Afternoon, Night

Type: Home Visit, Freelance Gym, Outdoors


“Attentive Trainer”
Joey was really attentive to my needs. She listened to me first, before prescribing me to a regime that I found really effective. She’s super friendly, and I really truly enjoy my training sessions with her”

Joey is caring, enthusiastic and her workouts are very effective!! Highly recommended!!


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