MyFitnessComrade has announced today the official launch of their personal training services. Their website, which was launched just recently in December, has quickly gained traction in a few short weeks, having received a steady inflow of queries since its inception.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reach out to the greater gym community, especially those who are interesting in improving their bodies so as to achieve their fitness goals,” says Joel Lo, president and co-founder of MyFitnessComrade. “We seek to constantly improve ourselves on what we can offer, and look forward to bringing in a series of exciting training sessions conducted in a fun, productive, and stress-free environment.”

 Primarily serving fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about reaching their fitness goals, the firm’s core business centers arounds matching these trainees with the most suitable trainers. The fitness firm has more than 100+ trainers available nationwide, each equipped with their own unique competencies. At the request of each trainees, the trainers will make their way down personally to the agreed location, be it at a public gym or a home condo gym.

This idea was borne from the recognition of the lack of timely, professional help for gym-goers looking to take their training to the next level. It was often difficult to coincide the training times, especially when trainees and trainers have their own respective schedules to follow. It was also difficult for beginners to know what exactly they need to do, especially with the availability of so many different information pieces on the internet.

With this new venture, MyFitnessComrade aims to provide the timely assistance that is necessary for gym-goers to achieve their fitness goals.

To learn more about the variety of menus, programs or classes, contact Kieran at (+65) 8776 6850, or email or visit the website for more information.