Are you a “start tomorrow” or “start today” kind of person?

At this time of year, we’re almost all “start tomorrow”.

I’ll start my diet tomorrow” (or after Christmas) has to be one of the most popular refrains in the world right now!

That’s not how we should be living – if something is worth doing, start it today! If you plan to start eating healthily and do it right now, but have three days off at Christmas, are you going to be in a far better place than if you just put the whole damn thing off for another two weeks?

You know the answer to that!

Incidentally enough, whilst this is universal advice for anything worthwhile that we can do for ourselves, this isn’t me trying to encourage you to sign up for personal training right at this very moment. Results-producing personal training, especially at the start of the process, requires a bit of momentum.

So my professional advice is to have that, if you’re thinking of starting, as being one of the very few things that you do “start tomorrow”.

However, locking yourself in today so that tomorrow really does come is also something that I highly advise, especially as all decent trainers have waiting lists for January!